Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gifts

This Christmas I realized how utterly ridiculous gifts have become. I don't see why we give each other expensive presents for no other reason than just because we have to.

Gift cards are totally useless. I hate them. Why pay $20 for something that is ultimately worth less than a $20 dollar bill since you are restricted to spending it at just one place? Not to mention that you ultimately have to spend your own money to fully utilize your "gift" since you have to get something more than $20 to actually use up the card and that extra money comes out of your pocket. When I see a gift card I know that it is an empty gesture that was only given to satisfy the social obligation to spend money on people for Christmas.

Gift cards < Money < Expensive present < Thoughtful cheap gift < Handmade free gift

I see Christmas as a time to show others that you love and cherish them. When I see people get others random gifts then I know they don't care about that person enough to actually sit down and think of something unique and creative to give them instead. They don't care enough to put the effort into something special. That, to me, is worse than getting someone nothing at all.